Bulding 32, Street No. 7, Area 81 New Industrial Area, Doha Qatar. P.O. Box 93839.

With a heritage stretching back over six decades

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Qatar Meat Production Company is the latest and most sophisticated Meat Processing facility operating with a state of the art technology within the Middle East.

The facility occupies an area of 6000 Square Meters with more than 2000 Square Meters of refrigerated storage space, this enables us to have a start-up capacity of over 9000 Tons annually, covering the respective ranges:

Our Frozen Processed Meat Product range consist of: Beef and Chicken Burgers (both breaded and Un-breaded), Beef and Chicken Kababs, Beef, Chicken Meat Balls, Beef and Chicken Hot Dogs, Frankfurter and a variety of sausages that will cater for any segment of the market.

Our Frozen Range extends to Chicken Fillets, Chicken Strips, Chicken Tenders, Chicken Pop Corn, Fish Fingers, Fish Burgers, Crispy Breaded Shrimps, Fish Fillets and products required to be produced or calibrated to any size or shape.

Our Chilled Process Meat Range consist of Beef and Chicken Mortadellas in many variants, (whole rolls of 2.5 Kgs or in Slices, packed in pouches of convenient 200 gm packs).

Delicatessen range of Beef includes, Cured Beef, Beef Bacon, Beef Smoked, Salami, Pastrami, Jumbo Sausages, Frankfurter Sausages of different sizes, Beef Cocktail Sausages and Beef Pizza Toppings.

Delicatessen range of Poultry consists of Cooked Chicken, Smoked, Chicken Jumbo Sausages, Chicken Frankfurter Sausages, Chicken Cocktails, Chicken Pizza Topping, Turkey Cured, Turkey Smoked, Turkey Bacon and Turkey Mortadella.

We have the capability to develop exclusive calibrated or portioned products for food service and Catering segment. Our dedicated fleet will facilitate our deliveries to our customers thus providing a reliable service and rapid expansion of our distribution network.

We have a focused and strategic vision to be market leaders based on solid and scientific market research.

About Qatar Meat Production Co.

This venture is driven by an insatiable commitment to provide the finest, premium quality chicken and processed meat products—because there was a serious shortage of locally processed chicken and meat products in Qatar. With an annual production capacity of 9000 tonnes, Qatar Meat Production Co. persistently operates by the company's core values of bringing a wide range of processed food that is guaranteed healthy and safe.

Passion to go beyond

With a factory based in Industrial area spanning 6000 sqm production facility and 2000 sqm refrigerated storage, Oatar Meat Processing Co. continuously attempts to scale new heights. Its strategy is geared towards expanding production capabilities to higher grounds while maintaining its reputation as a trustworthy supplier of superior products and excellent customer service.

  • Expansion to regional GCC markets
  • Accrual of distribution network
  • Further diversification of customer base
  • Development of new product lines
  • Maintenance of international standards and safety

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